Journal of Thai Stroke Society 2014 vol.13 no.1-2

Journal Thai Stroke Society vol.13 no.1-2



นิพนธ์ต้นฉบับ (Original article)

Relationship between the ischemic stroke subtypes and risk factors included clinical outcome from Prasat Neurological Institute stroke registry

Krida Na Songkhla, M.D., Tasanee Tantirittisak, M.D., Suchat Hanchaiphiboolkul, M.D., Yodkhwan Wattanasen, M.D.

บทความวิชาการ Multimodal computed tomography of the brain

Pornpatr A. Dharmasaroja, M.D. A mini-review on genetics and ischemic stroke

Permphan Dharmasaroja, M.D., Ph.D.

รายงานผู้ป่วยที่น่าสนใจ (Interesting cases)

A 16-year-old woman with sudden onset of left hemiparesis

Wannaporn Eaimwarawutikul, MD., Jesada Keandoungchun, MD.

Cerebral venous thrombosis in a patient with group B streptococcus meningitis

Puchit Sukphulloprat, M.D., Pornpatr A. Dharmasaroja, M.D.


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